We are able to build to your specifications and requirements, be it an urban city car, an adventurer, a themed Defender or an off-roader with raised suspension and a full cage. We have at our disposal some of the very best aftermarket components allowing us to cater to every need. Our experienced and passionate team are on hand to advise and assist you and create exactly what you want within the budget you set. This is the ultimate option to restore a classic Defender that is perfect for you.


Transform a Land Rover Defender

Monarch Defender aspires to restore classic Defenders through creativity and innovation.

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Uniqe 6X6 Concept

First in USA

Monarch Defender LLC restores Land Rover Defenders with personalized, luxury interior designs, unique accessories, high-tech modern drive train and monster GM LS3 engine in the heart.

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Monarch 6x6


Unique 6X6 Concept

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In every project, we buy vehicles that are examined thoroughly by our professional team in order to get the perfect result. Our restorations only use good condition vehicles, preserving originality and authenticity. Only dry Mediterranean climate vehicles are being used for our Monarch Defender restoration projects.

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Financial Services

At Monarch Defender, we make buying your restored classic Defender simple, flexible and efficient. Choose finance options to match your purchasing needs. Contact us for more information.

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