“ Finding The Right Donor ”

Our adventure of creating a personalized Defender begins with finding a suitable donor vehicle for the project. During our exploration process, we specifically evaluate vehicles from dry climates that are not prone to excessive humidity. This is because such regions tend to have lower levels of salinity, reducing the risk of corrosion and wear on the vehicles due to external factors. We source donor vehicles from reliable suppliers based on the standards of the country where the vehicle will be sold. For the USA, we acquire vehicles that are 25 years and older. For Canada, we look for vehicles that are 15 years and older. As for the Gulf region, we seek vehicles that are 10 years and below. Once we have obtained donor vehicles that meet these criteria, we carefully select the one with the highest potential to transform into your envisioned Defender. This initial step of creating a Defender that embodies your design and signature is always an exciting exploration for Monarch.