“ Unleashing Horse Power ”

As we rewrite the story of the Land Rover Defender, we know that one of the lead roles is played by a reliable drivetrain. Therefore, we select drivetrain components made from modern materials for all our vehicles while preserving the classic lines of the Land Rover Defender. We enhance the legendary appearance of the Defender with a comfortable driving experience. To ensure that the drivetrain is in line with today's driving standards, we leverage modern technology in all components, including the suspension system, undercarriage, braking system, hydraulic steering, engine, transmission, and exhaust. By collaborating with world-class brands, we search for and select the most advanced components for your project vehicle. We work with reputable brands such as Terrafima, Fox, and Brembo, opting for high-quality products such as suspension systems, axles, air lockers, disc brakes, and calipers. Additionally, our expert team provides configurations tailored to your specific needs and usage, whether it be for off-roading or beach cruising.