“ the last step for the journey ”

Your Monarch-branded Defender, ready for use, is now ready to hit the road! There are multiple options available to receive your vehicle. You can choose to come to our factory in Iowa and pick it up yourself. Alternatively, we can arrange delivery to your location through a towing service. If you are in an overseas country, we offer shipping via containers loaded onto ships. We select the container based on the road and climate conditions of the destination country. Then, under the supervision and guidance of our technicians, we load your vehicle into the chosen container. We securely fasten it to ensure it remains undamaged during the journey. The securing task is carried out by the expert team of lashing companies. Once the journey is complete, we subject the vehicle to necessary inspections and deliver it to you with the assistance of our technicians. While this journey with Monarch Defender comes to an end for now, your adventure continues with a Defender that carries your personal touch! We wish you enjoyable drives.